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Harrison offers an olive branch, and Tom thinks it is too late to play nice.


Emma adjusts to a new routine, and Ed gets a talking to.

Oil’s Murky Future

Tensions in the Middle East and protests in Russia are not just caused by internal politics and war but also, some say, the stresses of economic decline as the result of cheap oil. While the price of oil has gone up this week in response…

Game On Danny Does BAFTA

The day before the BAFTA Games Awards show Adam caught up with this years host, Danny Wallace in his James Bond-esque central London lair to talk about the event. Hilmar Peterson, CEO of CCP reflects on “evolving game” and Julian Benson from Kotaku UK is…


Brian struggles to keep his cool, and David wants to take the blame.


We seem to be living in a world of polarised opinions giving rise to increasingly angry exchanges on television, print and of course social media. Aleks Krotoski asks how online anger works and is it a symptom or the cause of the problem. An enormous…


‘I have’ or ‘I’ve’? Find out about contractions with Finn and Feifei

Libor lowballing

A secret recording that implicates the Bank of England in Libor rigging has been uncovered by the BBC . The 2008 recording adds to evidence the central bank repeatedly pressured commercial banks during the financial crisis to push their Libor rates down. Libor is the…