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Handmade by Hipsters

In today’s Business Daily Elizabeth Hotson delves into the secrets of the backstory. A compelling tale is now de rigueur when it comes to selling us things, especially in the food industry; whether it’s a bar of chocolate or a cup of coffee, provenance is…


Lilian has a spring in her step, and Toby offers little comfort.

Andreas Haefliger, Monastic Music

Sara Mohr-Pietsch speaks to German-born Swiss pianist Andreas Haefliger ahead of his upcoming performance at London’s Wigmore Hall. Known for the brilliance of his Beethoven playing, he talks about why the composer’s music embodies the very best human ideals, why pianists need to learn to…


David cannot contain his anger, and Pip is cornered.

The Now Show 14/04/17

Steve Punt, Luke Kempner, Pippa Evans, Al Porter, Rich Peppiatt, Vikki Stone & Lucy Porter present the week in news through stand-up and sketches. Produced by Joe Nunnery A BBC Studios Production

Death on the Ganges

In the Indian city of Varanasi, some 300 cremations are conducted each day on the “ghats” or steps leading down to the River Ganges. The BBC’s Rahul Tandon meets pilgrims who spend their last days at this holy place in search of nirvana, and the…


Justin gets an unexpected offer, and it is a busy evening at nets.

Funding Africa’s Growth

Africa is the second fastest growing continent in the world, yet it only attracts a few billion dollars of private investment per year. Why is that? Dr Amy Jadesimi of Nigerian logistics firm Ladol tells presenter Ed Butler that she blames the global moneymen for…

Fintech Comes of Age

In today’s programme Ed Butler visits the Innovate Finance Conference in the heart of the City in Central London, where we’re marking the coming of age of a new industry. Fintech as it’s known has expanded from things like simple mobile payment systems to big…

Manchester United captain

Bill Rice asks who you think should be Manchester United captain next season plus fan Roy Cavanagh talks about the first time United played Anderlecht in 1956.