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Silent letters

There are letters in English that we see in words – but don’t actually pronounce. They are called ‘silent letters’

The Asian Financial Crisis 20 Years On

Twenty years on from the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997, we take a look at how the crisis unfolded, what impact it had on Asian economies, and what, if any, lessons were learned. Ed Butler is joined by Adam Schwarz, now president and CEO of…


Harrison’s scheme is uncovered, and Tom clears the air.

Semyon Bychkov, New Music Biennial, Music and Landscape Architecture

Semyon Bychkov is sought after across the world as a conductor of all repertoire, but he has a particularly deep connection with the music of Tchaikovsky. He talks to Tom about the music of this oft-misunderstood composer as he continues his season-long Tchaikovsky project, and…


Tom tries to muscle in, and Lilian says her piece.

Micro-Targeting Voters

Did data analytics companies play a role in determining the outcome of the British vote to leave the European Union? Gabriel Gatehouse reports on the data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica. Plus, how can you tell if you are the target of big data? Presenter Manuela…


Lynda initiates a fightback, and David is feeling his age.

Hong Kong: Losing Out to China

Fergus Nicoll visits Hong Kong’s Tsing Yi port 20 years on from the handover to Chinese rule. In 1997 Hong Kong vied with Singapore as the world’s busiest container port. Today it’s number five – with the Shanghai in China at the top of the…