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BBC PODCAST | Wechat No.190357 The Cost of Curing Disease


Wechat No.190357 The Cost of Curing Disease

About half of all drug research is paid for by charitable foundations and public bodies. Rob Young examines the life-saving work done by those who don t chase profits.

Jim Smith, research director at the Francis Crick Institute, gives us a tour of their brand new building and explains why public funding is vital for medical research.

Malaria researcher Phumla Sinxadi tells us about her work and the importance of funding from the Gates Foundation.

The Wellcome Trust s science director, Mike Turner, discusses why philanthropic funding pays for research that pharmaceutical companies won t.

And Scott Kennedy talks to us about the tragedy that led him to co-found the New York-based charity Solving Kids Cancer.

(Photo: Researchers at work at the Francis Crick Institute, London. Credit: Getty Images)

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